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Upcoming Investigations: 

Le Sueur  Historical Site- MN: Pending

Le Sueur  County Historical Site- MN: Pending 

Recent Investigations:

 Le Sueur County, MN- Private Residence

Waterville, MN-Private Residence

Ottawa, MN - Ottawa Cemetery

Le Sueur County, MN - Hillside Cemetery

Ottawa, MN - Ottawa Park

Old Sharon Township, MN  - Residence 

St. Peter, MN- Private Residence

Mankato, MN-Private Residence

Investigation Summaries

Hillside Cemetery

Investigation Summary:

On October 24, 2014, OPS investigators Tim Sisk and Amber Palmquist conducted a daytime investigation at Hillside Cemetery. This was Amber’s first paranormal investigation. As Amber was walking around the cemetery, she felt as if she was being followed. After a thorough review of our evidence, we noted on our handheld digital voice recorder a voice stating “hey ya” in reply to Amber’s question of “does anyone have anything you want to say?”.

Ottawa Cemetery

Investigation Summary:

On October 24, 2014, OPS investigators Tim Sisk and Amber Palmquist conducted a daytime investigation at Ottawa Cemetery. Amber had walked around the cemetery asking general questions. Upon review of evidence on the digital voice recorder she was using, it was noted that when she had asked “why is there so many young children buried in this cemetery?” she received a response of “get out”. They also noted that towards the end of investigation there was also a loud sigh noted as well.

Le Sueur County Residence

Investigation Summary:

St. Peter Residence

Investigation Summary:

Sharon Township Residence

Investigation Summary:

OPS investigators Tami Sisk and Amber Palmquist conducted a daytime investigation in a Sharon Township private residence. As they began their investigation, the sound of a gun discharging came from the upper floor of the house. Amber immediately climbed the stairs and did a quick sweep of the upper floor to see if there was anything that stood out that could have caused this noise. Upon further investigation nothing was found that could have resulted in the noise heard. Tami and Amber then continued their investigation. They had then asked if the noise they just heard came from a deceased friend of the family and if so could they please knock. There was a response of a knock. They again asked if it was them and if so to knock twice. There was a response with two knocks. Amber then proceeded to go to upper floor and question further in upper rooms. No responses were noted. They then continued their investigation on lower floor. As Tami and Amber were discussing what had just happened with the knocking responses, Amber’s flashlight that was laying on her lap started to flash on and off and then stop. They asked if this was the person they just had contact with with the knocking response. The flashlight then again flashed on and off several times. At this point they picked up flashlight and thoroughly checked it over. It seemed to be functioning fine with no explanation for why it would flash on and off several times by itself while it was turned off. They concluded their investigation as no further responses happened.

Ottawa Park

Investigation Summary:

On October 24, 2014, OPS investigators Tim Sisk and Amber Palmquist conducted a daytime investigation at Ottawa Park. There has been many reports in this park regarding unexplained activity of the playground equipment. It has been reported that swings would swing on their own with no wind present and also that the old merry go round will spin with no one on it. Tim and Amber did experience one of the old wooden swings swinging by itself with absolutely no wind in any direction at the time. Upon further evaluation of the swing, they could not conclude any reasoning for this. No other findings were found.

Historically the entire Ottawa area is known for paranormal activity. OPS is hoping to conduct more investigations in the area in the upcoming spring.

Waterville Private Residence

Investigation Summary:

Mankato Private Residence

Investigation Summary:

Still to Come

Investigation Summary:

Still to Come

Investigation Summary:

Still to Come

Investigation Summary:

Still to Come

Investigation Summary:

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Feb 28, 2015- Received our new OPS Shirts.

Feb 27, 2015- Received our new vehicle magnets.

Feb 26, 2015- Received in our new business cards.

Feb 16, 2015- We are happy to say that we will be having a guest speaker with 20 years paranormal research, join our March Monthly Meeting.

Feb 12, 2015- Updated our website and facebook page.

Feb 07, 2015- Received equipment donations from an associate in the paranormal field

Jan 10, 2015- Team meeting talking about past investigations and looking forward to our upcoming year.

Dec 05, 2014- Client interview with Investigators Tim Sisk and Laura Everett.

Nov 22, 2014- Reviewing audio from St. Peter’s investigation.

Nov 17, 2014- Received donation from Le Sueur Paranormal Society of experimental equipment for the team that we are very thankful for and have put great use to.

Nov 16, 2014- Amber Palmquist conducted an investigation in a St. Peter Residence.

Nov 17, 2014- Tami Sisk and Amber Palmquist conducted an investigation in a Sharon Township residence.

Oct 24, 2014- Tim Sisk and Amber Palmquist conducted a daytime investigation at Hillside and Ottawa Township Cemeteries, as well as the Ottawa Township Park

Oct 09, 2014- Creation of the Origin Paranormal Society Logo with investigators Tim and Tami Sisk and Amber Palmquist.

May 17, 2014- Evidence Review.

Apr 22, 2014- Creation of Origin Paranormal Team Video

Apr 12, 2014- Creation of OPS Business Cards

Apr 04, 2014- Completion of the Origin Paranormal Bumper Stickers

Mar 28, 2014- Assisting MMCC Paranormal (out of Iowa) with evidence review

Mar 16, 2014- Meeting with Tomb Investigators of MN

Mar 14, 2014- Meeting with Jerry Aryes Minnesota Paranormal Coalition

2010-2014- Building equipment and members as well as training

Nov 01, 2010- OPS was founded by Investigator Tim Sisk

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